Progression of doubling Systems and betting methods

Progression of doubling Systems and betting methods

Progression of doubling. This approach is one of the most famous, and oldest in the world. Very regularly used by way of much less skilled bettors, due to its easy implementation. The system of doubling, and very easy to implement, just pick out the preliminary sport for instance 10 euros. And choose the type of wager you want, usually after a cautious study of the accessible matches. Because remember, it is no longer enough to have a method, or a game scheme, to make a income in gambling. We must study nicely the conferences you prefer to play, and analyze all the records available, to arrive at a forecast of the result. And decrease the share of error, with the chance of increasing your capital.



Doubling method

As we said earlier, to perform the doubling method. You must choose the amount of the initial bet, for example 10 euros.Progression of doubling Then we select our bet which must be with a share of not less than 2. If the bet is a winner, we collect 20 euros, and so far so good we have won 10 euros. Doubling progress But if we lose we have to double the initial bet that is 10 + 10 euros = 20 euros.

Doing so, if the bet is successful, we collect 40 euros, recovering the 10 euros lost in the first bet, plus the 20 euros for the second bet, with a profit of 10 euros. And so far so good, but if you still lose, then you start to worry. To recover the loss of the first bet of 10 euros and the second bet of 20 euros, with a total of 30 euros.

You need to double the amount of the second bet, that is 20 euros + 20 euros, for a total of 40 euros. If the bet is successful you have recovered the previously lost bets which were 30 euros, with a profit of 10 euros. If, on the other hand, you still lose the previous bet and so on, until you win a bet.




As you have noticed, the doubling method is a death trap. If you win, everything is fine, but a bad set comes, you are ruined. Never play this system, even if they recommend it. Beware the addictive game, don’t ruin it, take it for fun.



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