The winning team favored and goals team not favored

The winning team favored and goals team not favored: Bets and winning systems

The winning team and underdog goal. It is a system that I developed by chance, looking at the betting schedule available for each match. And so I create this little system that can give excellent results. The system consists in choosing games that we believe have a high probability of not finishing 0-0. And it is played by choosing the victory of the favorite team with odds higher than 2, and alongside the prediction marks the team’s underdog goal, which covers a possible defeat of the favorite.

Let’s take a small example: Barcelona – Malaga, we will play the victory of Barcelona and cover with a goal from Malaga. Obviously with this type of play we will only be discovered with 0-0. Therefore, you must carefully study the statistics and probabilities of each match to avoid 0-0. In doing so we will always have a return of expenses. As long as the game does not finish 0-0 then we will lose all the play.

The 64-card system

The winning system team bettingThe favored team and team not favored goal As you may have noticed, the ticket is lost only with the result 0-0 and you win with all the others. So by choosing 6 meetings, 64 columns are created and with a minimum investment of € 16, € 0.25 per column you can earn between € 200 / € 300. Obviously if the investment is doubled, the gain is also doubled and we arrive safely at € 400/600. Always guessing all twelve predictions.

M even taking 50% you can double the bet. Not bad for a method that offers a greater chance of winning than most classic bubbles. The only flaw is that obviously by hitting only one of the two predictions for all the games, the win will never be the maximum, if with a good dose of luck we will have the chance to hit both predictions then the win will increase.

In conclusion, with a good study of the meetings and a little patience you will be able to have a lot of satisfaction. I remind you that the game is addictive and a bad mood.


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